Hong Ky / Rehab's Product  Electric versatile bed
HK-9018 The Electric versatile hospital bed

Technical details

The electric versatile hospital bed
• L 2160 x W 960 mm
• The bed surface: L 2050 x W 880 mm
• The height of the lying surface: 370 ~ 720 mm
• The loading weight: 200 kg
• The bed frame is made of powder coated steel
• The bed surface is by four iron plate
• The head and foot boards are made of PE plastic
• Both of side rails are made of INOX Ø 304
• The head – lifting elevation: 0 ~ 80°
• The knee – lifting elevation: 0 ~ 35°
• The lifting range of the lying surface: 350 mm
• The principle of operation: High quality DC actuator system has 3 low voltage motors mastered by the hand pendent controls.
• The head and foot boards are easily removable
• The hole of plate contributes to ventilate the mattress
• The side rails are easily foldable along the bed sides
• The legs of bed are tied to 5” lockable castors
• Produced according to standard EN 60601-2-52