Hong Ky / Rehab's Product  Electric versatile bed

Technical details


  • Superior and deluxe bed suitable for both home care and hospital care.
  • Fully covered wooden foot and head panels are designed for advanced luxury
  • Detachable bed frame for easy transportation and assembly.
  • Deluxe solid wood for long term use and provide better comfort.
  • Adjustable mattress base designed to electrically lift or lower backrest, thighs and leg rest
    sections to customize the user’s needs.
  • Premier mattress base with flexible wooden slats fixed to the frames with natural rubber
    components provide great comfort and durability.
  • Elevating system activated by two actuators allowed users to adjust height of the bed
    according to specific needs.
  • Wooden swivel wheels are designed to increase mobility and convenience, and can be locked with brakes separately.
  • Deluxe solid wood for long term use and provide better comfort.


  • Backrest section angle: max. 75 °
  • Thighs section angle: max. 30°
  • Foot section angle: max. 20°
  • Weight limit 180kg
  • Max. Height: 70cm
  • Lowest Height Position: 30cm
  • Trendelenburg tilt: 10.8° ~Anti-Trendelenburg tilt: 10.5°
  • Bed Dimensions: 221cm x 105.2cm
  • Mattress Platform Dimension: 195cm x 90cm
  • Bedrails adjustable: 11.5 to 43cm